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02.03.2010 - Furniture update.

The stats for following items were updated:

  • Jeunoan Tree
  • Amir Bed
  • Bronze Trophy (still missing moghancement)
  • Butterfly Cage
  • Cricket Cage
  • Glowfly Cage
  • Parclose (still missing moghancement and ele. strength)
  • Ecru Desk
  • Bread Crock
  • Bookstack
  • Spence
  • Credenza
  • Buffalo Milk Case

Also, 5 new items were added to the database:
  • Adamantoise Statue
  • Fafnir Statue
  • Shadow Lord Statue
  • Behemoth Statue
  • Egg Buffet

Big thanks to the users who reported the errors. :)

Following items are still missing some important information:

  • Parclose (moghancement and ele. strength)
  • Reliquary (moghancement)
  • Bronze Trophy (moghancement)

27.05.2009 - Database problems.
Last days I've experienced some problems with the system database, so the furniture list and profiles have been broken. Today the problem was sorted and everything is working again. No data were lost because of the problem.

Last update (09.06.2008) changed storage and elemental values for many furnishings. Finding out new storage are easy, but elemental values are going to take some time, before the community figures them out. I'll be updating the furniture list as i find new info from websites like wiki and forums. If you have info about new numbers, please report them under "Report errors" tab on the menu.

The storage capacity for the following items has been adjusted:

Item Before After
Dresser 2 15
Wicker Box 2 4
Armor Box 3 5
Coffer 3 5
Chest 2 3
Cabinet 4 7
Commode 4 6
Cupboard 2 6
Chiffonier 3 6
Armoire 5 14
Royal Bookshelf 1 10
Bookshelf 4 20
Blue Pitcher 1 4
Water Barrel 2 6
Sky Pot 2 7
Item Before After
Red Jar 2 7
White Jar 2 6
Yellow Jar 1 4
Wardrobe 3 10
Reliquary 2 8
Falsiam Vase 2 6
Console 4 6
Caisson 3 5
Cartonnier 6 20
9-Drawer Almirah 7 16
6-Drawer Almirah 6 15
3-Drawer Almirah 5 14
Credenza 6 7
Gallipot 5 8

The elemental strength of the following furnishings has been adjusted:
Oak Table / Cabinet / Commode / Armoire / Rusty Bucket / Star Globe / Cartonnier / 9-Drawer Almirah / 6-Drawer Almirah / 3-Drawer Almirah / Crystal Rose / Shell Lamp / Bahut

The "Moghancement: Fishing" effect has been removed from the following items:
Armor Box / Coffer / Chest / Cabinet / Commode / Armoire / Reliquary / Cartonnier / Porc. Flowerpot / Brass Flowerpot / Earthen Flowerpot / Ceramic Flowerpot / Wooden Flowerpot / Arcane Flowerpot / 9-Drawer Almirah / 6-Drawer Almirah / 3-Drawer Almirah / Credenza / Bahut / Gallipot

There were also some new furniture added to the game, but their stats are currently unknown:
- Mythril Trophy
- Harpsichord
- Horn Trophy
- San D'Orian Tea Set
- Bastokan Tea Set
- Windurstian Tea Set
- Parclose
- CS Gold Stand
- CS Mythril Stand
- CS Bronze Stand

Next FFXI update (20.11.2007) opens up Mog Houses for everyone. This is very good news for players who like to spend time in their Mog Houses to decorate and organize furniture to make their homes look nice and warm. I personaly have spent alot of time working on my Mog House layout and like it alot more than many other events in game.

I created Moghancement Calculator long time ago to help me figure out best possible configuration for my Mog House. My goal was to use up as little space in Mog Safe as possible, while still having 80 slots in Storage and all the right Moghancements and elemental energy levels to help my in game activities. I never planned to release this tool for the public, but after hearing about the Mog House update, I got all excited and decided to release it in hope to be useful for other players.

The calculator helps you configure and plan FFXI Mog House Furniture effects - Moghancements. You can try out different setups before buying various furniture in game. You go under "Furniture" link and choose which furniture you want to see in your Mog House and click "Add Furniture". The calculator adds the furniture under Mog House link, where you can multiply same type of furniture and it automatically figures out what the Moghancement, level of elemental power and item spaces will be.

This tool is currently still in beta state, so dont be surprised if some things dont work or you get wrong result. Click "Report Errors" to send me message about errors you have discovered.

You dont have to register as user to use this tool. Registering option is for players who want to save their work and be able to load it up at later time. If you decide to register, you dont have to use your email address or real name. And PLEASE DO NOT USE YOUR POL PASSWORD when you fill out registration form.


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