FFXI Mog House Moghancement Calculator

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  1. Try to reduce the amount of spaces your furniture takes up in Mog Safe, while still having 80 slots in Storage.

2. If possible, set up your plan so you can switch between different moghancements easily by removing or adding 1 piece of furniture.

3. Elemental strength level should always be 3 (Overwhelming energy).

4. Organize furniture so its nice to look at and makes sense. Dont make it look like a warehouse storage room. If possible get different items that have same stats.

5. Dont spend millions of gil to get moghancements that you rarely use. Investments in furniture will pay back over time in form of various bonuses, but its not gamebreaking.

6. Change the amount to 0 (null) if you dont want to include furniture in calculation, but will keep it on list for later use.

7. To understand Moghancements better, check the guide at wiki.ffxiclopedia.org.

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